Department Showcase

An inside look at the MPC Teams

Animation at MPC

An introduction to Animation at MPC.

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Compositing at MPC

Find out more about our Compositing team at MPC

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Concept Art at MPC

Check out some of the recent work created by our Concept Art team.

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Crowd at MPC

All you need to know about Crowd at MPC.

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They're the team responsible for all the sparkly "wow!" VFX bits - dust, particles, smoke, explosions and much more. All you need to know about the FX team at MPC.

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Groom at MPC

Our Groom artists creates photorealistic and stylized grooms for characters, creatures and environments. Find out more about the MPC team here.

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Layout at MPC

An introduction to Layout at MPC. Want to know more? Get in touch with our Talent team for a chat.

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Lighting at MPC

All you need to know about Lighting at MPC.

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Production at MPC

All you need to know about Production at MPC.

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Roto/Prep at MPC

Our Roto/Prep team is based in our Bangalore studio. Click here to find out what the team does and to apply for a role with us.

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Rigging at MPC

All you need to know about Rigging at MPC.

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R&D at MPC

Our status as a world-class visual effects facility has been achieved through the development of industry-leading software, which empowers our artists to create stunning visual effects. We provide an infrastructure that enables multiple projects with thousands of shots to be simultaneously completed across the globe efficiently and with the highest quality.

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TechAnim at MPC

Character FX, Creature FX, Cloth TD, Character Simulation......we just call it Technical Animation.

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Assets at MPC

Coming soon

DMP/Env at MPC

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