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Compositing at MPC

Compositing is the last stop in the process of VFX creation - they are the ones whose job is to “Make it real“. The team combine all the amazing CG work that comes from Lighting/FX/DMP and the plate photography in such a way that it’s hard to tell what’s shot and what’s not. Sometimes, we don’t even have plate photography but the task is still the same - “Make it real” (or surreal if that's the brief). We like to work in dark and are very sensitive to colours and light!

Applicants to our Compositing need to show their potential for creating photo-realistic images. This can be either all CG, a mix of CG and Live Action or all Live Action. For a demo reel, one or more examples of each would be most helpful. Show a mixture of invisible effects and more noticeable ones.

Make sure all of your elements fit nicely into the perspective of the shot. Keep an eye on the horizon line, two point perspective, parallax, and relative scale.

The Compositing team do some of the most amazing work and - when finished -it’s done and dusted and goes straight to film. We work on some of best VFX titles and believe strongly in our team and enabling work culture. We make sure that right training is given for you to step up and put in your best. We are very process driven and make sure you spend most of the time “creating fantastic visuals “. There is a clear career progression and when you are ready to step up we are more than ready to provide you with opportunity.

Some of the core skills that with make you an instant hit with us are : Attention to detail. Insane creativity. Ability to present your ideas in an collaborative environment. Proactive. Calm under pressure.

Our choice of magic wand is Foundry's Nuke ! We  have tweaked its functionality a little bit to fit best in our pipeline and we keep cooking more and more magic gizmos and tools per show to make it even more magical. We also work with our proprietary review tool to make sure we see what others can’t and no manic pixels escape our eagle eyes.

Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in team. Proven ability to composite shots with multiple layers including CG and 2d elements. Strong multitasking and time management skills. Good communications skills in English, both written and spoken. Previous experience in working with international features as compositor is a plus.

If you possess these skills and have been working on game cinematics, TV commercials, TV series or CG features and have a show reel to demonstrate your work we would love to talk to you.

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Ashok Rajavel - Talent Acquisition Manager (Bangalore)

Michael Jalbert - Talent Acquisition Manager (Canada and London)







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