All you need to know about FX at MPC


The FX team is responsible for recreating natural phenomena like fire, water and dust as well as scenes of destruction and explosions.  We also create physics-defying and magical elements such as an alien destroying virus which tear cities apart or massive oceans which part like the Red Sea.

The main tools in use for the Department are Houdini, Maya, Katana and Kali. The latter is MPC’s own proprietary software tool.

FX is the team for you if you want to help craft some of the most amazing and memorable visual effects for blockbuster movies.  There are always challenging and stimulating technical issues to solve, opportunities to be creative and do something unique, and to be part of some spectacular cinematic moments.

There is also a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie at MPC that can be missing from other studios. We are always learning from and helping each other, striving to achieve our best collectively and individually.

At MPC, FX artists often get the opportunity to create key shots for huge movies.  We provide specialist training in a wide range of areas across the pipeline including Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Katana, and our own proprietary tools. We also look to give people the chance to develop their career with a clear path for training/development and progression.

Some of the key skills needed to join the team include:

- An appetite for new challenges and to enjoy continually learning on the job.

- Volumes, Particles, RBD, Scripting.

- a good creative eye for VFX work.

- good organizational skills.

- great communication abilities to describe your work.

If you’re not a current FX artist, don’t depair. There is cross-over with other industries and disciplines including animated features, FX for TV, video games, programming and pipeline R&D. We also run an Academy program for aspiring FX candidates in our Canadian studios.

FX is about continually learning from and teaching your colleagues, pushing yourself and taking on new challenges and of course, working on cools shots!


Connect with our team to find out more about available roles.

Michael Farrell - Head of Talent Acquisition (London)

Christina Zervos - Head of Talent Acquisition (Canada)




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