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TechAnim at MPC

The TechAnim Department at MPC is a talented team of Creature FX Artists and TDs, responsible for delivering high quality cloth and hair simulations, along with various other character finishing tasks.

We tackle photo real human and animal characters; breathe life into vast environments and simulate worlds full of fantastical beasts.

Our team is made up of passionate Artists and TDs with a multitude of skill sets and a flair for CFX.  We work closely with our Modelling, Rigging, Animation and FX departments, incorporating aspects of these disciplines within our own workflow.  Using a combination of MPC's proprietary software, Maya and Houdini, we push and develop tools to aid our team in consistently creating the best CFX in the industry.

Each individual Artist/TDs knowledge base is a combination of various sets of skills, all converging on CFX.  Whether you're more technical or more creative, this diverse pool of expertise allows us the luxury of solving problems from a myriad of angles.

Within the team we come together and combine the key skills listed below. Not everyone has each one, but each of us have a combination of a few.

- Knowledge of Maya / Houdini / Marvelous Designer
- A knowledge of cloth and hair solvers e.g. Maya's Nucleus, Houdini's WireSolver
- Knowledge of Python / Mel / C++ with Maya API
- Previous education or experience with Rigging
- General understanding of physics, mathematics and anatomy

We pride ourselves on personal development.  To ensure we are always growing, improving and developing our skills we engage in regular department training sessions - from software learning to Python lessons.  So don't worry if you're missing any of the above, at MPC we endeavour to add any key component(s) we might be missing from our knowledge base through this training, putting emphasis on the areas we excel at!

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Christian Guthrie - Talent Acquisition Manager (London)

Mo Tahir - Talent Acquisition Manager (Vancouver and Montreal)


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