Life at MPC...


There's a lot more to working at MPC than helping create some of the biggest movies around. The opportunity to fulfill a passion for creating peerless VFX is complemented by a wide range of activities to engage with and help you enjoy being part of the MPC team...

Always learning, always growing

MPC University offers all sorts of department-specific courses, alongside our other regular training opportunities to help you grow as an artist and enhance your skills. Regular masterclasses let you grab a free lunch while hearing from experts (like legendary artist Gary Faigin, below) on topics chosen specially for MPC.

All sorts of treats and surprises

We provide free massages, surprise monthly treats (from ice cream to smoothies), special movie screenings and more - sometimes as part of themed weeks celebrating anything from major events to our newest movies. We provide breakfast items & locally bought fruit to start the day, plus a range of soft and hot drinks whenever you fancy. We also like to make Fridays special with extra treats for breakfast, then towards the end of the day we all get together for beer o’clock.

On the last Friday of every month we celebrate our collective work and achievements, including awarding our Employee of the Month. It’s a nice way for us to get away from our desks and mingle.


 Other MPC Initiatives

As a company MPC champions the idea of global mobility through our program called MPC Discover. Why not grow your career and take the opportunity to work with us on one of our other global locations? MPC Gives Back is our global initiative to have an increased focus on our contribution as a company to local communities, environments and charities.



We never say never. Instead we imagine, innovate and invent new possibilities in film-making. We are constantly looking ahead, pioneering new technology and pursuing new ambitions. With every project, we are leading the way in the creative industry.




Everything we do, we do with a formidable, single-minded determination that sets us apart from our peers. We work with a dogged perfectionism and professionalism to bring a director's vision to life. Intense and relentless it may be, but it's what gets incredible results.




We prefer to be skilful, not showy, We're collaborative, not cocky. Adept, not arrogant. Our aim is excellence, and we achieve that with an analytical and understated approach that creates work that speaks for itself.




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