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Layout at MPC

The work done in Layout is the foundation builder from which all the other departments further down the pipeline can do their magic.

Ingesting Matchmove and Rotoanimation, Layout is responsible for repositioning cameras to the correct world space, blocking cameras and characters in all CG shots and providing assets used in shots for downstream departments to pick up (asset management). We also work closely with 3DDMP/Environments department in world building and set dressing.

The Layout department primarily uses Maya and is different from many other studios in that we do not camera or object track and overlaps more with Previs/Postvis in the creative expression we have.

Our team-members are often more for 3D generalists, problem solvers, that are personable and easy going. A passion for cinema is always a plus for any role in VFX including Layout.

A background in the games industry can provide great transferable skills for a move to Layout - perhaps as a Cinematics or Gameplay animator. The ability to troubleshoot and problem solve on more of a technical level is a really important responsibility for the Layout team here at MPC.

Pretty much every MPC project that comes through the facility has to go through the Layout department, and they all have engaged, challenged and thrilled us to one degree or another.

When you become a part of Layout, you are part of an extended family. We’re small enough to get to know each other well and we look out for each other. We work hard but we have fun doing it.

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Sylvie Tehbelian - Talent Acquisition Manager (based in Montreal)


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