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Animation at MPC

MPC is one of the leading VFX animation studios in the world - and we're expanding again as we move into 2018.

Our team constantly raise the bar with what is possible in delivering animation excellence in our unrivalled slate of Hollywood blockbuster shows. In 2016 our animation work was key to our Oscar win for The Jungle Book, delivering vividly expressive and memorable characterization to a cast of CG animals.

Our shows currently in production present a variety of exciting and ambitious challenges for our artists. Dumbo, for example, is yet another Disney production to be entrusted to the team at MPC. This is likely to be a visually stunning and idiosyncratic affair with auteur Tim Burton in the director's chair. There will be opportunities across the board to join the team but if you're an animator there will be some particularly amazing sequences to get to grips with in creating some seriously cute and fully emotive non-speaking performances for Dumbo and Mrs Jumbo. There's also the small matter of creating a convincing flying baby elephant along with portraying the strong emotional bond between Dumbo, his mum and other key members of the cast.  

We are also working on the Lion King, once again aiming to deliver Jon Favreau's vision for this Disney classic in the same way that we produced Oscar-winning work for Jungle Book with the same director. The cast of beloved and famous characters present an artistic challenge for the team - animating photo-real characters that so flawlessly that they will be virtually indistinguishable from the best documentary footage.

Other shows currently being crafted by our talented team of animators include Aquaman, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Predator, The Nutcracker and many more.

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Christian Guthrie - Talent Acquisition Manager (London)

 Sylvie Tebehlian - Talent Acquisition Manager (Canada)


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