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R&D at MPC

Our status as a world-class visual effects facility has been achieved through the development of industry-leading software, which empowers our artists to create stunning visual effects. We provide an infrastructure that enables multiple projects with thousands of shots to be simultaneously completed across the globe efficiently and with the highest quality.

There are many teams in MPC R&D, including Core Engineering and CG Software, all working seamlessly across our Global studios Our team's focus is on developing the software tools for artists at MPC to create stunning, award-winning VFX. The key tools we use are Python, C++ and Web technologies although we also develop and maintain our own proprietary software and tools.

VFX presents a rare and engaging proposition for technology professionals in that it uses science and technology to enable artistic vision which millions can enjoy on cinema screens around the globe. 

As well as the established VFX industry our team members have also crossed over from games but also from other fro industries like education, fashion, retail and banking

Our team work at the forefront of technological innovation and we're currently developing VR/AR toolsets which directors use on set to shoot their movies, merging the real with the virtual world. We're actually changing the way that films are being made!

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Sylvie Tehbelian - Talent Acquisition Manager (Montreal)

Santosh K.S. -Talent Acquisition Manager (Bangalore)




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