RotoPrep at MPC

All you need to know about RotoPrep at MPC

RotoPrep at MPC

The RotoPrep department is responsible for wire removals, rig removals, croma clean ups and marker removals

It also creates Rotos for Compositors of objects and characters which interact with CG elements of a shot.

All of the RotoPrep for MPC gets done in Bangalore, hence our team works across the entire MPC film slate and interacts with our Global colleagues across all MPC location on a regular basis.

Silhouette and Nuke are the main software we used whilst Mocha Pro and Maya are used occasionally for tracking purposes.

Being a Global department there is a lot of ownership and responsibility for each artist to deliver quality work in the given amount of time.

The Production and technical pipeline at MPC is very well established which allows us to working on multiple shows in parallel, with great quality.

When hiring for our team we look for a basic understanding of VFX and use of the tool sets. We do have a lot of engineers and developers who have joined the team in recent months.

Team members need a great attitude and should be open to learning and ready to jump in to help deliver a shot on time. These attributes would make a dependable artist.

Recent projects that required an intensive contribution from MPC include The Mummy - which had heavy recreation work for the 'undead' sequence and The Justice League which required intense Roto and Prep work to help the compositing team.

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Ashok Rajavel - Talent Acquisition Manager (Bangalore)








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