Rigging at MPC

All you need to know about Rigging at MPC

Rigging at MPC

The primary role of the Rigging team is to provide control systems for animators so they can create movement for the models created by our Assets team.

The team creates both body and facial rigs in order to give the Animation team the ability to create emotive and engaging performances from the characters being created.

One of the unique aspects of Rigging is the amount of interaction the team has with different parts of the pipeline as well as how the team can be challenged to recreate movements from the real world but also fantastical unreal worlds for creatures that have never existed.

The rigging tools are shared across all the shows that we work on and are programmed in a number of different languages including Python, Mel and C++

If you have a passion for rigging, can use Maya and are comfortable with Mel or Python scripting then we want to hear from you, whether you've just graduated, are looking for new challenges or are used to leading teams of Rigging TDs - all levels are welcome!

We are also launching a Rigging team in Bangalore so, if you're interested in being part of that new team then get in touch.

Connect with our team to find out more about available roles.

Sara-Laila Francis -  Talent Acquisition Manager (London)





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