MPC Advertising, Super Bowl LI

MPC works on nine commercials for Super Bowl 51


Mark Gethin, MPC Creative Director and Colorist, graded six beautiful and statement-making Super Bowl commercials this year. First up, Coca-Cola’s “America the Multicultural” ad may have seemed familiar to some viewers – it was an updated version of the brand’s “America the Beautiful” spot that ran during Super Bowl 48. Coke’s celebration of American diversity made headlines in 2014 and again this week.

Google’s “Home” commercial, graded by Gethin, advertised the company’s new device as an essential for modern life. Additionally, Gethin graded H&R Block’s entire “Get Your Taxes Won” campaign with Jon Hamm – the campaign’s seventh spot, “Future,” aired during the big game.

Also graded by Gethin were “False Cabinet” for King’s Hawaiian Bakery, “Dear Predictable” for Alfa Romeo and “Go Further” for Ford.

Colorist Ricky Gausis graded Wonderful Pistachios’ “Treadmill” commercial as part of an ongoing color and VFX collaboration between MPC LA and the Wonderful Agency. Gausis also graded Expedia’s “Train” spot in collaboration with Mark Gethin.

Last but never least, colorist James Tillett graded the second spot that Droga5 and MPC NY have recently collaborated on for Pizza Hut – “Oh My” featuring George Takei.


MPC’s talented team of artists also provided the visual effects for three of the above Super Bowl spots.

Wonderful Pistachios’ Ernie the Elephant character was brought to life by MPC for an ongoing campaign that began back in 2016. Ryan McDougal and Benji Davidson led visual effects for this project with Rob Hodgson creative directing. Read more about the campaign’s “Treadmill” Super Bowl commercial here.

Creative Director Hodgson also collaborated with effects supervisors Ryan McDougal, Andre Arevalo and Ben Persons on Ford’s “Go Further” commercial – learn about this project in detail here.

In collaboration across offices, MPC NY provided the grade for Pizza Hut’s “Oh My” commercial featuring George Takei, while MPC LA’s visual effects team provided clean up work under Brian Williams as Lead Compositor. Read more here.

Watch the commercials below.



John Hillcoat / Stink LA / Wieden + Kennedy Portland


Siri Bunford / Knucklehead / 72andSunny

H&R Block

Simon McQuoid / Imperial Woodpecker / Fallon

King’s Hawaiian Bakery

Mike Bigelow / GARTNER / Levit Agency LA

Alfa Romeo

The Richards Group


Hoffman/Metoyer / MJZ / GTB

Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Agency


John Hillcoat / Stink LA / 180LA

Pizza Hut

Terri Timely / Park Pictures / Droga5 NY