Diesel, Keep the World Flawed

MPC partners with François Rousselet at Division Paris and Publicis Italy on ‘flawed’ love story for Diesel

In last year’s Go With the Flaw, we saw a film-within-a-film, with the footage distressed to create a vintage, imperfect aesthetic. In the latest from Publicis Italy, ‘Keep the World Flawed’, also directed by Francois Rousselet, Diesel presents a beautiful romance – a love story with an unexpected ending, which reminds us that our flaws will always be stronger than any of our attempts to hide them.

The spot features VFX and Grade by MPC. Director François Rousselet commented on the partnership with MPC: "The amazing job you delivered, the relationship we had working on this project - it was bliss. Thank you for the hard work, your patience and the talent. Proud to be part of the MPC family. On to the next one!”



Publicis Italy


François Rousselet

Production Company

Division Paris

Global Chief Creative Director Publicis WW / CEO Publicis Italy

Bruno Bertelli

Executive Creative Director

Cristiana Boccassini

Global Digital Creative Directors

Milos Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu

Creative Directors

Eddy Guimaraes, Vinicius Dalvi

Creative Supervisor

Simone Di Laus

Art Director

Alice Teruzzi


Francesca Ferracini


Simon Chaudoir

Producer, Publicis Italy

Silvia Cattaneo



VFX Supervisor (2D)

Alex Lovejoy

VFX Supervisor (3D)

Andy Steele

VFX Producer

Dafydd Upsdell

Bangalore Line Producer

Goutham Hampankatta

VFX Team

Rajkumar C, Rajinikanth R, Gowri Shankar Velusamy




Richard Fearon


Adriana Legay