Diesel, Go With The Flaw

'Go With The Flaw', directed by François Rousselet at Division Paris for Publicis Italy, says our imperfections define us – so let’s embrace them

This cool and gritty spot, with over 40 VFX shots, is Publicis Italy’s latest for Diesel - and it’s all about breaking the rules, mocking codes, and going with your flaws. Rousselet’s creative concept centres on a ‘film within a film’, with the audience watching as the editor pieces shots together to an Edith Piaf soundtrack – the very fitting ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’.

Our team of artists, working closely with the director, used a unique creative process to achieve the final look and feel. VFX Superviser Timo Huber elaborates: ‘The great thing about working with François is that he really pushes you creatively, which helps take our work to the next level. For example the scratches you see throughout ‘Go With The Flaw’ are all real  François physically made them on the surface of the printed film negative for authenticity, and to add to the vintage feel and ‘imperfect’ aesthetic. The end result is, I think, extremely cool.’




Publicis Italy


François Rousselet

Production Company

Division Paris

Global Chief Creative Director, Publicis WW

Bruno Bertelli

Executive Creative Director

Cristiana Boccassini

Global Digital Creative Directors

Milos Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu

Art Directors

Simone Di Laus, Cecilia Moro


Beatrice Mari, Fabio Caputi

Creative Supervisor

Costanza Rossi


Simon Chaudoir

Producers, Publicis Italy

Cecilia Barberis, Matilde Bonanni

Producer, Division Paris

Jules De Chateleux



VFX Supervisor

Timo Huber

VFX Producer

Lydia Evitt




Richard Fearon


Nicolas Larrouquere

Music Design and Editing