What We Do

We're collaborators in the film-making process. We’re scene-builders, not just shot-makers, and we have a direct line to the director’s creative vision.

Art Department

Showcasing the visual department and concept designs that go into our films. Take a look at our art departments work on movies including Godzilla, Guardians of The Galaxy, Harry Potter, The FInest hours, Goosebumps, Wrath of The Titans, the Wolfman, Prometheus, X-Men and more...

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Previsualisation and visual development

Previs Supervisor Duane Floch offers pre-production services, including previsualization and visual development, to the film industry from MPC’s Santa Monica office.

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VFX Supervisors

VFX Supervisors lead our teams of artists and are responsible for ensuring that the filmmaker's creative aims are met. MPC's talent possess strong technical and creative backgrounds and are on hand to help make informed decisions on the most efficient and effective VFX techniques.

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Our status as a world-class visual effects facility has been achieved through the development of industry-leading software, which empowers our artists to create stunning visual effects. We provide an infrastructure that enables multiple projects with thousands of shots to be simultaneously completed across the globe efficiently and with the highest quality.

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Our VFX artists are world leaders in this fast-moving and highly specialised medium, which demands a unique blend of creativity and technical finesse. We make moving art on an industrial scale, which requires not only the best artists but also state-of-the-art production processes. With a fast-moving, aggressive pipeline and a culture of agile technical innovation, we deliver the bold, the new and the breathtaking – as standard.

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Our dedicated mixed reality artists are committed to exploring, experimenting and crafting the most astounding immersive experiences possible.

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