The Jungle Book

MPC Film kick off 2017 with an Oscar® nomination for the Visual Effects of The Jungle Book

The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards have been announced and MPC is honored to have received a nomination for “Best Visual Effects” for their work on The Jungle Book.

MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez received the nomination for Disney’s photo-real adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s story, directed by Jon Favreau.

As lead VFX studio, MPC artists built a complex photo-real world creating The Jungle Book’s stunning CG environments and bringing the film’s iconic animal characters to life. Best friend Baloo the bear, Mowgli’s wolf family, Bagheera the panther, Kaa the python, and the villainous tiger Shere Khan would be built bone, skin, hair and whisker.  54 species of animals and 224 unique animals were created and new computer programs were made to better simulate muscles, skin and fur. The newest filmmaking technologies were used to create a seamless experience for audiences, without a hint the film was shot entirely in Los Angeles on sound stages. 

This year, MPC’s The Jungle Book team won the HPA award and Critic’s Choice Award for Best Visual Effects, and have since been nominated for 3 VES Awards and an Annie Award. Adam Valdez received a VES nomination for The Jungle Book in the ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Photo-real/Live Action Feature Motion Picture’ category, in the discipline specific categories, MPC artists received nominations for Outstanding Animated Performance in a Photo-real Feature for The Jungle Book’s Shere Khan and Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photo-real Feature for The Jungle Book’s ‘Naturalistic Effects.’ At the Annie Awards their animation team received a nomination for Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in a Live Action Production.