FMX 2018

We're presenting Blade Runner 2049 and Pirates of the Caribbean at FMX 2018

FMX 2018 is around the corner and MPC will be revealing how their VFX artists tackled 2 of the most complex visual effects challenges today, digital humans and water simulations.

On Wednesday 25th April, MPC Asset Supervisor Axel Akesson will present his team’s work on the digital character Rachael for Blade Runner 2049. Replicating Rachael was both a huge honour for MPC as well as an exciting technical and creative challenge. In this presentation Akesson will show how the team approached the work and the techniques they used to create the stunning photo real character. 

On Friday 27th April, MPC FX Lead David Schneider presents “The FX of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The complexity of the water work for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a new challenge for the team, requiring their software engineers to create new tools for the simulations. MPC rendered more water than it had attempted on any other movie, and that water had to work in all its forms; ocean surfaces, huge interactive splashes, dripping galleons, cresting waves and a magical abyss. 

You can watch MPC’s recruitment presentation on Wednesday 25thApril at 14:30pm, when Head of Talent Acquisition Michael Farrell will share the inside track on getting a role with MPC and their opportunities around the world.

MPC is currently working on movies including The Lion King, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Predator, Dumbo, Godzilla King of the Monsters and Aquaman.

FMX 2016 takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, 24- 28 April.