Wonderful Halos, Good Choice Kid

A Halo a day keeps bad choices away, with VFX by MPC

Wonderful Halos’ new Halloween ad campaign, directed by hungry man’s Wayne McClammy with VFX and grade by MPC LA, delivers spooks and a few laughs as well. In each ad, a kid makes a good choice - whether it’s avoiding a poison apple or just some bad influences in gym class - and inevitably enjoys some tasty Halos mandarins as a reward.

In the campaign, which broke on Halloween week, The Wonderful Agency has turned the focus from using the Halos to pacify troublesome kids to using them as a reward for well-behaved children as well.

MPC VFX Supervisor Benji Davidson commented, “The circus spot was a fun shoot day. Seeing the girls up on the high wire was great. We could have cheated it all, shooting it using long lenses and low angles, but to see the kids up there wobbling around was hilarious. There was a lot of post to remove the rigging, and build out the circus tent, but I think the performance was funnier, and genuine, because Wayne did it all practically.”

Post-production challenges involved head replacements, stitching of multiple performances, heavy rig removal and crowd composites. Not to mention the creation of a convincing talking piece of fruit. CG Supervisor Ryan McDougal elaborated, saying, “Bringing a cursed apple to life that could hold its own among the quality that production put into the cinematography, costumes and set was a rewarding challenge.”

MPC LA colorist Ricky Gausis provided the grade, rounding out the impressive team who brought the commercials to life. See the Halos kids in action below.




Wonderful Halos


Wonderful Agency


Mike Perdigao

Chief Creative Officer

Steve Krauss

Executive Creative Director

Darren Moran

Creative Director

Jennifer Young


Alan Snider

Sr. Art Director

Colin Jahn

Art Director

Alex Harman

Head of Broadcast/Producer

Anne Kurtzman


Matthew Conrad

Production Company

hungry man


Wayne McClammy

Executive Producer

Mino Jarjoura

EP/Director of Sales

Dan Duffy


Dave Bernstein

Production Supervisor

Rodney Anderson


Rock Paper Scissors


Christjan Jordan

Asst. Editor

Pieter Viljoen

Executive Producer

Helena Lee


Dani DuHadway

Music/Sound Design

Beacon Street Music


Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau

Executive Producer

Adrea Lavezzoli

Associate Producer

Lindsey Lerman




Ricky Gausis

Executive Producer, Color

Meghan Lang

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma

Visual Effects


Creative Director/VFX Supervisor

Paul O'Shea

Executive Producer

Karen Anderson

Sr. Producer

Jamie Loudon

Bangalore Producer

Deepanjali Singh

CG Supervisor

Ryan McDougal

VFX Supervisor

Benji Davidson


Debalina Dasgupta

2D Team

Karthi G, Amresh Kumar, Joshi john, Jashwan Vishnu