Women's Aid, Blind Eye

MPC Creative and WCRS develop worlds first audience-edited commercial for Women's Aid

MPC Creative has worked in partnership with WCRS to create a hard-hitting cinema commercial to highlight the issue of domestic abuse.

Developed for national charity Women's Aid, the piece uses 3D stereoscopic technology that allows viewers to edit the film in real time by opening and closing either their left or right eye.

During the course of the 65 second film, two scenarios simultaneously play out: one shows a seemingly normal story of a woman preparing dinner, the other however shows the harrowing addition of an abusive husband.

Director Chris Vincze, MPC Creative said: “We were really excited about developing the technology to enable a completely new viewing experience and simultaneously bringing the script to life. It’s the combination of audience involvement and powerful performances from the two actors that really helps convey the message.”

Marai Larasi, Co-Chair of Women’s Aid, said: “At Women's Aid we know that 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime, but many of us can't imagine it happening to someone we know. Yet it is happening all the time around us, without us necessarilynnoticing.

“The technology used to make this advert allows the viewer to choose whether they see the abuse that is happening behind closed doors in a relationship. 

“The audience will have the ability to shut out the abuse and pretend it's not happening, or they can choose to view the reality of living with domestic violence. We hope this piece will open the audience's eyes to the prevalence of domestic violence"

Behind The Scenes





Production Company

MPC Creative


Chris Vincze


Naz Nazli & Rob Welch

Creative Technology

Luke Walker, Hiren Jakison

Creative Director

Ross Neil

Agency Producer

Louise Bonnar

Production Company Producer

Alan Traquair

Executive Producer

Jeremy Smith



VFX Producer

Anandi Peiris

VFX Supervisor

Ludo Fealy

Editing House

c/o MPC Creative


Chris Vincze




James Tillett




Massive Attack

Audio Engineer