Walmart, The Box

MPC joins forces with Saatchi & Saatchi and Academy Award nominee Dee Rees to create Walmart’s short film “The Box”

Premiering during the Oscars, “The Box” was an action-packed story imagined by a little girl and set in a futuristic world. The film was one of three shorts from Walmart that were all directed by women; Nancy Meyers and Melissa McCarthy also directed Oscar spots for the brand. All three films were part of Walmart’s partnership with Women in Film; an initiative that supports up-and-coming female filmmakers who receive funding to create, produce, and distribute short films.

 “The Box” revolves around the brand’s signature blue shipping box and explores the events after a Walmart delivery arrives at a young family’s house. Taking place in a fictional world in the child’s imagination, characters include an alien monster and a spaceship captain - Mary J Blige even makes a star appearance as the Evil Commander. All the environments are created from inside the box, with the young girl herself playing all of the characters.

The film is associated with an enormous amount of talent. Director Ree Dees is nominated for an incredible four Academy Awards this year, with Mary J Blige nominated for two, Production Designer Hannah Beachler nominated for one, and Costume Designer Colleen Atwood having four awards under her belt already. DP Rachel Morrison has also made history by becoming the first woman nominated for cinematography at the Oscars.

MPC worked closely with Anonymous Content’s Dee Rees to realize her vision of creating an epic sci-fi world. Vadim Turchin, VFX Supervisor at MPC, said: “It was great working with Dee and we all had absolute trust in her concept. We had an amazing opportunity to use our talents to create a whole new world and a new character – the monster – turning it into something emotional and action-packed.”

Grae Revell, Lead Animator at MPC, added: “Being able to create creatures like the giant alien monster with tentacles is why we work in VFX; it allows us to channel our inner child. Creating new worlds entirely from scratch also enabled us to be really creative, giving life to new environments such as outer space and inside the hive.”

The creation of “The Box” spanned across multiple MPC studios, and MPC graded the film. Matthew Loranger, Executive Producer at MPC’s New York studio, said: “The project was a global one and what we accomplished was amazing. We partnered with our London studio and leveraged our Global resources.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”




Saatchi & Saatchi

Director & Writer

Dee Rees

Production Company

Anonymous Content

Executive Creative Directors

Wayne Best, Alex Lea

Saatchi & Saatchi

Chief Creative Officer

Javier Campopiano

Director of Integrated Production

Jenny Read

Executive Producers

Dean Shoukas, Diane Burton, Zamile Vilakazi

Business Managers

Susan Schaefer, Cristina Mattson

Managing Partner

Beth Waxman-Arteta

Senior Account Director

Angela Brown

Account Executive

Jessica Shapiro

Anonymous Content

Managing Director

Eric Stearn

Executive Producer

Lori Stonebraker

Head of Production

Kerry Haynie

Production Supervisor

Ena Nic


Exile NY


Shane Reid

Producer (NY)

Vietan Nguyen

Producer (LA)

Brittany Carson



Managing Director

Camila De Biaggi

Executive Producer

Matthew Loranger


Sandra Eklund, Sanchit Soi

Production Assistant

Jessica Rowley

Creative Director

Alvin Cruz

VFX Supervisors

Vadim Turchin, Eric Robertson

2D Leads

Rob Walker, Iain Murray

3D Leads

Vadim Turchin, Mike Little, Tiago Dias

2D Team

Tobey Lindback, Renato Carone, Adam Yost, Alejandro Taylor, Giulia Bartra, Guillaume Weiss, Vivek Tekale, S. Samson Samuel, Ragesh R, Sreejimol CP, R Vignesh, Partha Pratim Chakraborty

3D Team

Tiago Dias, Alejandro Echeverry, Jimmy San, Mike Lombardo, Madeline Jackson, Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Zhao Wang, Francisco Fraga, Jemmy Molero, Roberto Maki, Wesley Schneider, Sue Jang, Jamie German, Michael Marsek, David Bryan, Neil Miller, Justin Braun, Flavia Minnone, Matthew Gifford, Morten Solgaard, Simon Legrand, Tushar Kewlani, Parineeta Jasiwal, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Kalaiarasu P, SelvaKumar k, Bakiyaraj P, Vamsi Krishna, Sachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar, Shristi Sanyal


Olivier Silven, Tyler Gibb, Roger Hom, Edvin Cindrak




Houmam Abdallah

Color Assistant

Tanner Hladek

Executive Producer, Color

Meghan Lang

Producer, Color

Rebecca Boorsma, Elyse Robinson

Sound Mix

Harbor Sound


Rob Fernandez

Sound Design

Rob Fernandez, Damian Volpe, Kris Fenske


Ted Hearne