VW, America

Travel across the country and across generations in VW’s new campaign, VFX and grade by MPC

Set to the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, a family embarks on a meaningful road trip in the new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. Follow their journey across the nation as they remember their grandfather and experience the many amazing landscapes America has to offer.

The 90-second commercial and several additional spots were conceived by Deutsch and directed by MJZ’s Benito Montorio in a rare stateside appearance. The shoot took place across seven different states.

Award-winning MPC Creative Director and Colorist Mark Gethin graded the moving campaign. MPC also delivered both 2D and 3D elements, which included enhancement to epic wide shots and snow scenes, car beauty work and CG flowers, insects and birds.

Creative Directors Rob Hodgson and Michael Gregory oversaw VFX efforts with Brian Williams leading 2D and Ryan McDougal and Dave White supervising CG. Hodgson said, "The most creative challenges came with the variables of real-world production - recalcitrant bison, flowers not being in season, uncooperative bees, starlings not murmurating for camera. We just tried to make America look perfect." 






Benito Montorio

Production Company


Agency Producer

Ali Issari


Alwin Kuchler




Andy McGraw




Mark Gethin

Executive Producer, Color

Meghan Lang

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma

Associate Color Producer

Elyse Robinson

Executive Producer, VFX

Karen Anderson


Mark Driscoll

Production Coordinator

Dori Sharvit

Bangalore Line Producer

Goutham Hampankatta

Creative Directors

Rob Hodgson, Michael Gregory

2D Lead

Brian Williams

Set Supervisor

Ben Persons

CG Supervisors

Ryan McDougal, Dave White

LA Artists

Gizmo Rivera, Fabrizio Ghiso, Ali Rizvi

Bangalore Artists

P N Arunkumar, Vishal Digambar Mule, Joslin Job Mathew, Kishan Katrimal, Muruganatham T