VFX Festival 2018

MPC collaborates with VFX Festival 2018 to create a bold, sport-inspired title sequence, directed by Design CD Antar Walker

The countdown is on. The VFX Festival is back for 2018, celebrating the very best and brightest in the creative industry. The Festival assembles industry leaders through a range of talks, workshops, panels and interactive exhibition spaces, all held in arts and cultural hub, Rich Mix. As well as presenting talks, and joining panels and production workshops, MPC has designed this year’s title sequence, directed by Design CD Antar Walker. 

MPC developed a narrative around the concept of healthy competition and ‘VFX Sports’. The slick graphic sequence opens with simple animations that slowly become more ‘weird, chaotic and unhinged’. 

“Title sequences can take themselves quite seriously at times”, says Antar. “I wanted to explore an idea that becomes more fun and playful as the film progresses. We used a wide range of design and CG tools to create the sequence, so the end result is diverse in its imagination and execution."

In addition to creating the festival title sequence, MPC is involved in a host of activity across the three-day event:


Wednesday 7th Feb | 11:15am - 12:45pm

Careers Panel

MPC’s Global Head of Recruitment Paul Wilkes joins a careers and recruitment panel along with speakers from other leading VFX studios, sharing key insights and vital tips on how to get a foot in the door of this competitive industry.


Wednesday 7th Feb | 13.45 – 14.45

Producing for VFX: Panel & Workshop

A roundtable panel discussion with a group of leading producers including MPC’s executive producer Jonathan Davies, sharing insight into the production process and why it’s important for artists; followed by a practical workshop with small groups challenged to break down a script, consider the artists required, how long it takes, how much it costs - and other key production considerations.


Thursday 8th Feb | 11.15 – 12.00pm

MPC Advertising Presentation

From MPC’s London studio, design CD Ryan Jefferson Hays and 3D VFX supervisor Fabian Frank present the making-of some of our outstanding recent projects, from graphics in Toby Dye’s DVD bonus material Phobos, to stunning CG creatures for advertising productions.





Antar Walker

Executive Producer

Jonathan Davies

Line Producers

Deepanjali Singh, Solomon Tiigah

VFX Team

Michael Marczewski, Will Laban, Thomas Carrick, James McIver, Donal O Keeffe, Kerim Camdzic, Erik Norrhede , Edvin Cindrak, Alexis Williams, Jessica Gaynor, Daena Llorne, Jessie Amadio, Mattias Lullini, Anthony Bloor, Andy Steele, Amir Bazazi, Lou Thomas, Noel Winzen, Bibin Balan P, Mohammed Asif K, Sandeep K, Sourodeep Dey, D. Sumita, Gopika Priya, Jaspreet Dua, Kartik Gupta, shreyas Joshi, Craig Savio Padua, Deepali Negi, Mohan Pugaz, Parineeta Jasiwal

Music & Sound

Zelig Sound