Uniqlo, Because of life

MPC partners with Nick Gordon and Autumn de Wilde at Somesuch on Droga 5’s edgy UNIQLO campaign

Because of life, we made LifeWear. Droga5 capture the Japanese retail giant’s ethos with this distinct and sexy trio of films. From catching eyes in a gas station to steamy bodies in Santiago, the narratives promote wireless bras, breathable innerwear and distressed denim in a way that will make us all run straight to UNIQLO. Our team of artists provided the VFX, with grade by Houmam Abdallah and Richard Fearon.

Wireless Bra

Directed by Autumn de Wilde, 'Wireless Bra' features quirky moves by Grammy nominated, LA based choreographer Ryan Heffington (Sia, The OA) and shakes up stereotypes on what feminine movement looks like. With minimal, muted styling by Lost in Translation’s Nancy Steiner, this is a slick and spirited all-female ensemble.


Promoting breathable innerwear, 'Airism' – directed by Nick Gordon and narrated by Tuppence Middleton – is a steamy black and white spot shot in Santiago. Half dressed, attractive models feature, along with lots of sweat – because if ‘our bodies are made to breathe, shouldn’t our clothes breathe with us?’

Distressed Denim

Set to a soulful and dreamy track, 'Distressed Denim' shows the moment a man and woman meet eyes at a gas station. Also directed by Nick Gordon, the third in this trio features dancing as languid and relaxed as the jeans they wear.




Droga 5


Nick Gordon, Autumn de Wilde

Production Company


Executive Creative Directors

Steven Howell, Rick Dodds

Creative Director

Devon Hong

Directors of Photography

Chris Blauvelt (Wireless Bra), Evan Prosofsky (AIRism, Distressed Denim)



VFX Producer

Sophie Hogg

Shoot Supervisor

Jim Radford

2D Supervisor

Bruno Fukumothi

VFX Team

Guillaume Weiss, Danit Klibansky, Graeme Turnbull, Radu Ciubotariu




Houmam Abdallah, Richard Fearon