Twizzlers, Base Repair

MPC Creative Collaborates with CP+B LA for Twizzlers "Base Repair"

Gearing up for the June 24th release of Independence Day: Resurgence, Twizzlers’ new commercial “Base Repair” shows us a more lighthearted moment as aliens with advanced weaponry return to take over earth.  During the invasion, our hero’s main concern is the pack of Twizzlers that get stuck underneath the falling debris from the attack. MPC Creative’s Eric S. Anderson directed the promo, with MPC also handling the visual effects and color grade.
Eric commented, "We wanted to create a misdirect leading people to believe this could be another trailer from the new Independence Day movie. We used wide shots from the film and shot new medium and close ups in a parking lot in San Pedro. To ensure an authentic physical performance out of our actor Joe Hursley, we threw practical debris for him to dodge on set."

"Joe was great to work with, being a singer in a rock band he was used to screaming and diving for candy. It came very natural to him."





Production Company

MPC Creative


Eric S. Anderson


Florian Stadler

Agency Creative Director

D'Arcy O'Neill

Agency Associate Creative Director

Quinn Katherman

Agency Copywriter

Robyn Tennenbaum

Agency Art Director

Aaron Fisher

Agency Producer

Jake Burnett

Agency Content Supervisor

Travis Reeb

Agency Content Manager

Alyssa Montero

Agency Business Affairs Manager

Kim Murphy



VFX Executive Producer

Mike Wigart

VFX Producer

Matt Olmon

VFX Line Producer

Josh Saathoff

VFX 2D Lead

Andre Arevalo

VFX Supervisor

Ryan McDougal

VFX Compositors

Benji Davidson, Brian Williams, Jason Heinze & Edward Anderson

Executive Producer, Color

Meghan Lang

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma


Ricky Gausis


Mike Hackett