The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants

Ricky Gausis grades amazing new video from The Hamilton Mixtapes

"We really wanted each carriage to have it's own feel and really contrast from the one that you had just left. The video starts off with the cold blue feeling of the driver leading into the warmer environment of the people gathered around the radio, then back to a cold and stark green look for the first verse. I also used varying amount of film grain to help separate the scenes, the best example possibly being when we enter the subway where I felt we could push the grain a touch more to help sell the grittiness and offset against the warm light which needed to be controlled and contrasted with cooler tones to ensure that this set up didn't look too inviting and welcoming.

Overall, I love the cinematic feel to the whole music video and although the scenes have very different looks to them, they all have a gritty richness that ties them all in together," said Gausis.

The team at MPC was honored to work on a project with such an important message with Diktator and Tomás Whitmore.

Coverage: NYT, Rolling Stone, Variety, Buzzfeed, Salon, Entertainment Weekly




Tomás Whitmore

Executive Producer

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robert Rodriguez, Kimberly Stuckwisch, Ian Blair


Kimberly Stuckwisch, Melora Donoghue

Production Company


Director of Photography

Drew Bienemann

Production Designer

Spencer Graves


Giant Propeller

Executive Producer

Jordan Freda, Mike Bodkin


Óscar Velasquez

VFX Supervisor

Marek Jezo

CG Lead

Lubomir Timko

Additional VFX

Andres Jaramillo

Color Grade



Ricky Gausis

Executive Producer

Meghan Lang Bice

Color Producer

Rebecca Sue Boorsma

Associate Producer

Elyse Vera Robinson