Talk Talk, Bop Heads

MPC work with CHI&Partners to launch ‘BopHeads’ for TalkTalk X Factor Sponsorship

The new music-video app offers fans a taste of stardom by making and starring in their own music video.

The ‘BopHeads’ app, developed by MPC Creative, which is fully responsive across Android, iOS and desktop, films fans as they sing along to tracks including Little Mix’s Number One hit ‘Black Magic’, John Newman’s new single ‘Come and Get It’ and nineties hit ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison.

The app then superimposes fans’ bopping heads onto the bodies of choreographed characters in real-time, allowing users to watch, upload and share music videos featuring them as the stars. Users can also invite their friends and family to co-star alongside them in their videos, by merging separately-shot performances. The videos are shot against the backdrop of stylish music video sets by London Alley directors Emil Nava, Courtney Phillips and Alex Southam, who regularly work on chart-topping music videos featuring A-list celebrities.


Interactive Creative Director, Andre Assalino said: “Building on the success of ‘Mix Off’ in 2014, we worked closely with CHI&Partners to shift the concept, but keep it as entertaining and premium as possible. We ended up with BopHeads, which proved to be a complex technical challenge, given the face mapping/swapping going on. Regardless, we managed to make it fun, easy to use, and the quickest way to actually get featured on TV during the X Factor breaks.”

There are three interchangeable tracks and three music video styles for people at home to choose from: ‘Onesies’, which features up to four protagonists dressed in funky onesies; ‘Fun House’, a magical world of life-size toys; and ‘Bounce’, a glossy hip-hop set. Further video templates and new music tracks will be added throughout the show’s run, adding to the fun and variety that the apps offer, and increasing the ways to star on TV. 

The BopHeads app can be downloaded from 29 August from the App Store and Google Play.





Production Company

MPC Creative

Interactive Creative Director

Andre Assalino

Executive Producer

Dan Phillips

Lead Android Developer

Dennis Ippel

Lead iOS Developer

Gareth Shapiro

Lead Front-end Developer

Alex Parish

Lead Back-end Developer

Pedro Rocha

Lead Designer

Alex de Carvalho

Lead Flash Developer

Dave Stewart



VFX Producer

Luke Raffety

VFX Supervisors

Alex Lovejoy & Mark Stannard

Motion Design Lead

James McIver

Motion Design Team

Jessica Gaynor, Alexis Williams & Patrick Phoenix




Matthieu Toullet