Swiss Life, The Wise Baby

MPC Paris, Jung von Matt and Bart Timmer at Chocolate Films partner on ‘the wise baby’ campaign for Swiss Life

'Creating a believable talking baby is no mean feat', says MPC Paris Creative Director Franck Lambertz.  'The human face is always a big creative challenge, but getting the performance right from a two-year old baby is something entirely different. Every tweak changes the whole expression; it can look 'off' really easily, as faces are so nuanced. We had to be sure to maintain the baby boy’s ‘cute factor’, while making it look like he really was talking like a mature twelve-year old. This is hugely technical work, making this all appear seamless. Bart was great to work with on the campaign – he totally embraced the challenge.’




Jung von Matt


Bart Timmer

Production Company

Chocolate Films

Creative Directors

Samuel Wicki, Pablo Schencke, Peter Brönnimann

Producers, Chocolate Films

Michela Trümpi, Magdalena Zbiec

Executive Producer

Ellora Chowdhury


MPC Paris

VFX Supervisor

Franck Lambertz

VFX Producer

Sophie Lebreton

CG Supervisor

Christian Bohm


MPC Remote Grade


Mathieu Toullet, Jean-Clément Soret