State Farm, Fire

State Farm & Packers’ QB Aaron Rogers Deliver More Laughs with “Fire,” MPC LA Crafts VFX & Grade

State Farm’s new commercial “Fire” features Packers QB Aaron Rogers giving another funny performance, this time with receiver Randall Cobb as his sidekick. The two are playing so tight at practice that Cobb says, “Bro, your stuff is on fire!” Rogers responds jokingly, “Somebody call the fire department!” The figurative turns literal later, but fortunately they have State Farm house and auto insurance to protect their losses. Hungry man’s Wayne McClammy directed “Fire,” via DDB Chicago.

The visual effects and grade provided by MPC were essential to the commercial’s punch line. Michael Gregory was VFX Supervisor, with Gizmo Rivera leading the 2D team and Clement Renaudin leading CG.

“Our scope of work was to add additional elements that could not be applied due to safety and practicality,” said VFX Supervisor, Michael Gregory. “In the fire spot, we practically burnt the car but we had to replace the house to modernize it. This was a mixture of 2D and 3D.”

Gregory also praised McClammy, a frequent MPC collaborator. “Wayne is great to work with, very direct and knows what he wants a shot to be. That makes my life very simple.”

Watch the humorous commercial below.




State Farm


DDB Chicago


Wayne McClammy

Production Company

hungry man

DDB Chief Creative Officer

John Maxham

Group Creative Director

Mel Routhier

Group Creative Director

Barry Burdiak

Group Creative Director

John Hayes

Creative Director, Writer

Chad Broude

Creative Director, Art Director

Brian Boord

Chief Production Officer

Diane Jackson

Executive Producer

Scott Kemper


Luke LiManni

hungry man EP

Mino Jarjoura


Dave Bernstein

Director of Photography

Dion Beebe




John Dingfield

Assistant Editor

Bryan Simpson

Head of Production

Lauren Roth

Executive Producer

Peter Hullinger

Music: TV


Executive Producer

Scott Brittingham

Music: Radio

Beacon Street

Executive Producer

Adrea Lavezzoli

Audio Mix (TV and Radio)

Beacon Street

Audio Mixer

Nicholas Papaleo



VFX Supervisor/Head of 2D

Michael Gregory

CG Lead

Clement Renaudin

2D Lead

Gizmo Rivera

Executive Producer

Elexis Stearn


Hillary Thomas