Semi-Permanent 2018 Opening Titles

MPC Creative creates fully animated opening title sequence for Semi-Permanent 2018

MPC Creative also had a strong presence at the conference, with Marc Smith and Alan Bibby also speaking on the main stage.

The duo joined a lineup of internationally renowned designers, artists and creative icons at the three-day conference.

To kick-off the conference, MPC Creative worked directly with Semi-Permanent on the coveted opening titles. Marc directed the sequence, with VFX and animation by MPC and original music crafted by Nylon Studios’ composer Zac Colwell.

Marc, who has previously directed campaigns for brands including Microsoft and SF Motors as well as the opening titles for OFFSET’s 2018 conference, described his vision behind the film titled ‘A roller-coaster ride of emotions’: “There was a literal meaning that I wanted to create a sequence with levity - a fun and lively character piece and a wild spectrum of enthusiasm and emotion. It was a chance to follow my own advice: not to take myself too seriously and fall in love with design all over again, specifically character work, which is something I adore.”


The team built out the creature’s fun personality, detailing all of his quirks, textures, form and range of motion. To guide the process, Smith used a unique technique to share his vision with the team: “I made a curated playlist for the animation team, so that they would understand the tone I wanted to achieve. I even acted out all the scenes personally, so that they had a clear reference!”

Marc concluded: “My team and I laughed every day making the titles. It was a joy to craft this outrageous film, completely letting go and doing something we love for the sheer joy of it. My sincere thanks go to my team of collaborators at MPC, and to Nylon for working on the music.”

The theme of emotion in design was also a core part of their presentation. The pair discussed their take on the current media landscape, their emotions and experiences, and the unique perspective that their background has given them, from their roles as creative generalists to the need to return to optimism.

Semi-Permanent Opening Titles





Production Company

MPC Creative


Marc Smith

VFX & Animation


Executive Producer

Nick Haynes


Lindsey Krehel, Chris Connolly

Bangalore Line Producer

Sanchit Soi

Bangalore Production Coordinator

Salil Thapa

Storyboards & Illustrations

Roger Hom, Tyler Gibb

Motion Design

Adam Rozanski

CG Lead & VFX Supervisor

Chris Bernier

Bangalore CG Supervisor

Mark Robinson


Jemmy Molero


Wesley Schneider


Mike Lombardo, Grae Revell, Madeline Jackson, Jacob Fradkin, D. Venkatesan, Shiny Rajan, Debasish Raha

Lighting & Look Dev

Chris Bernier, Roberto Maki, Lucy Choi, Vadim Turchin, Chris Ribar, Francisco Fraga, Monica Manalo, Ashley Yee, Mike Lombardo


Helen Kwok

2D Lead

Tobey Lindbäck

Bangalore 2D Supervisor

Rashabh Bhutani


Tobey Lindbäck, Giulia Bartra, Renato Carone, Mazyar Sharifian, Abhilash Aravindakshan, Dilshad Alam, Rajinikanth R., Geetesh Tari, Yashvardham Jain

Music & Sound

Nylon Studios

Creative Director/Composer

Zac Colwell

Sound Designer

Stuart St Vincent Welch, Dave Robertson

Semi Permanent (Auckland) Director

Simon Velvin