Samsung, King of TV City

The World Stops for Samsung in this epic spot by MPC and CHI, Directed by Adam Berg

A fearless viewer faces up to a herd of wildebeest, tyrannosaurus rex and a space age assault in these epic 90", 60” and 30” spots, showing the incredible features of Samsung’s new television which can be controlled with voice recognition and motion sensors.  MPC worked closely with director Adam Berg and CHI on a ten day shoot in Cape Town where the team worked with an animal park, racing drivers and set off explosions in the street.

Director Adam Berg said, “I had the pleasure of working with MPC on the very VFX heavy ‘King Of TV’ and it was a great experience. It was never going to be an easy job and there was no frame in the film that was not worked on in some capacity and the end result looks great. Looking forward to our next collaboration.” 

VFX Supervisor Franck Lambertz and CG Supervisor Christopher Antoniou led the team on this ambitious project, harnessing MPC’s talent around the globe. With the majority of the work completed in London, Mark Gethin completed the grade in LA, the 3D department in NY helped to craft the wildebeest and the Bangalore studio assisted with rotoscoping and tracking. Franck said, “This job really showcased what we are capable of as a company. It combined all of our disciplines- concept design for the t-rex and spacecraft, CG and 3D, matte painting, green screen and everything in between. By utilizing our teams across the globe we were able to complete this film and all its jaw dropping action in a relatively short amount of time.”




CHI & Partners

Production Company



Adam Berg

Executive Creative Director

Jonathan Burley

Art Director

Alexei Berwitz


Rob Webster


Anthony Cox and Oli Egan

Agency Producer

Alex Nicholson

Account Handlers

Christian Hinchcliffe & Ana Saffer

Media Agency


Media Planner

Erica Chen

Production Company Executive Producer

Ben Croker


Mattias Montero

Audio Post Production

Jungle Studios


Paul Hardcastle @ Trim



VFX Producer

Chris Allen

VFX Supervisor

Franck Lambertz

CG Supervisor

Christopher Antoniou

Sequence Supervisor

Mark Gregory


Mark Gethin

VFX Team

Tom Carrick, David Picarda, Brice Lehmann, Yosuke Matsuno, Bevis Jones, Oliver Caiden, Daniel Cowley, David Singer, Jama Djurabaev, Levente Peterffy, Adam Leary, Melanie Keyzor, Jan Sladecko, Vicky Osborn, Liam Griffin, Jacob Fradkin, Grae Revell, Anbarasu Elangovan, Dheeraj Hebbar, Jacob Oommen, Sathya Narayanan, Sumesh Chammancheri, Gayatri Dhangar, Rajinikanth R, Sugumar S, Vishal Kaushal, David Bryan, Sean Ray, Mark Robinson, Emanuele Pescatori, Michael Diprose, Ciaran Devine, Alex Galan, Steph Karim