Samsung, Color Therapy

MPC Creative NY creates dynamic ‘color therapy’ billboards for Samsung via Cheil Worldwide

PC Creative brings a global art initiative to life in a series of dynamic digital billboards, launched across six populous cities worldwide to illustrate the sleek display of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S. Creative Director David Estis of MPC teamed with leading intermedia artist Marcos Lutyens and John Park of Addict Films to direct and design the abstract visual journey.

Rolling out across New York City, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore, the large-scale project seeks to entice viewers as visuals evolve and morph to a harmonious balance according to the city’s current conditions such as temperature, time, and weather. Intensive planning went into the city’s unique element theme, from sublime smoke in Singapore to illuminating colored glass in Milan to shifting paint drops in London.

All told, MPC Creative created six master compositions for each of the six cities, then through a custom algorithm generated an astounding 900 films - allowing up to 150 visual representations that are mapped to the city’s conditions.

Captured at ultra-high speed using Phantom cameras, the slow-motion elements perform at frame rates varying from 500 to 3000. Each board has a unique resolution and aspect ratio requiring the composition to be carefully calibrated to work best in its native city. Through the implementation of color visuals, the elements are intended to counterbalance the varying conditions, such as creating emotional warmth when it is cold and a refreshing feeling when it is hot.

The collaboration was a truly global effort that spanned many time zones and partners, all working in sync to pull a project of this scale off flawlessly. “Projects that are rooted in the arts are always exciting for us,” notes David. “It’s fantastic to work on artwork of this ambitious scale and impact, both in global magnitude as well as the sheer size of the screens. We are proud to contribute to the evolution of outdoor media and create content for screens that are becoming more connected and dynamic.”



Intermedia Artist

Marcos Lutyens

Creative Director

David Estis

Music Composer

Yuval Ron

Executive Producers

Tim Dillon, Asher Edwards


Adele Major


Cheil Worldwide


John Park

Production Companies

Keystone Films, Addict Films

Executive Producer

Yoon Seok Nam


Mina Choe

MPC Creative Team

Chris Vincze, Eric Renaud-Houde, Evan diLeo



VFX Team

Alex Lovejoy, Alex Harding, Billy Sacdalan, Carl Fong, Chris Bernier, John Loughlin, Jonathan McKee, Kelly Bruce, Kevin Kim, Mikael Pettersson, Vanessa Lee, Sang Lee, Sohee Sohn