Palace Skateboards, adidas 'EQT'

MPC Creative produces its third film with Palace Skateboards, bringing you adidas 'EQT'

Opening with choral music and existential questions – ‘What are we?’ ‘Where are we going?’ ‘Will there be Wifi?’ – our latest film delivers everything we’ve come to expect from Palace Skateboards’ unique and slightly wonky vision. This spot promotes the new running range from Palace and adidas –and their very own version of the iconic EQT shoe.

Following the APA and Arrows Craft finalist film for Jonah Hill / Reebok and ‘Squash Man’ – we bring you ‘EQT’ (yep, that’s short for equipment).

Written and directed by Stuart Tanju, the film stars skate icon, Blondey McCoy, running through the sunbaked desert, on open roads, cliff tops and beaches, all the time wondering – why didn’t I just take the bus? The film juxtaposes visuals inspired by classic 80's running footwear ads, interspersed with Planet Earth-esque wildlife shots and super-sexy close-ups of the trainers on black backgrounds. 

Richard Skinner, our Head of Creative Development says: ‘From Jonah to ‘Squash Man’ and now ‘EQT’. It’s intensely enjoyable and fulfilling working hand in hand with Palace and seeing their creative filmed output develop and grow to new levels.”

 The EQT range launches at Palace Skateboards on the 16th December.



Production Company

MPC Creative


Stuart Tanju


Richard Skinner & Johnny Blick

Service Producer

Zico ‘Fried Chicken ‘Judge @ 24:7


Ben Coughlan

Offline Editor

Ben Crook @ Speade



VFX Producer

Edwin Elkington

VFX Team

Jonathan Box, James McIver




Richard Fearon

Sound Design

Ned Sisson @ Wave Studios