NY Lottery, Small Town

MPC teams up with McCann to bring a miniature town to life in NY Lottery’s latest spot ‘Small Town’

The charming spot, directed by Biscuit’s Noam Murro, shows a man fulfilling his dream of being a kid again by creating an impressive toy town that magically materializes into real life.

 This incredible project saw the MPC team fully immerse themselves in the small town, which was built at a scale of 1/12 real life size, and applying impeccable detail to the set and props. To achieve authenticity, MPC’s VFX team studied the streets of New York and incorporated every facet to make the miniature town seem realistic.

Marcus Wood, Head of 2D at MPC’s New York studio, said: “We knew we wanted to add as much detail as possible, but if it drew the audience’s attention then it didn't belong. It had to be believable.”

Using the best software was a vital part of the process. Marcus added: “Flame’s incredible toolset and unmatched speed allowed relighting of scenes in 3D, as well as flexible texture mapping to augment many of the building facades.”

The outcome is a heartwarming spot that brings out the child in all of us.



McCann New York

Production Company

Biscuit Filmworks


Noam Murro

Executive Creative Directors

Mat Bisher, Dan Donovan


North American Chief Creative Officer

Eric Silver

Chief Creative Officers, McCann

Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy

Creative Directors

Jason Ashlock, Dominick Baccollo

Senior Art Director

Johan Leandersson

Senior Copywriter

Andy Sciamanna

Chief Production Officer

Nathy Aviram

VP Senior Producer

Chance Bassett

SVP Executive Music Producer

Eric David Johnson

Music Producer

Dan Gross

Project Manager

Courtney Snead

VP Strategy Director

Laura Frank

Biscuit Filmworks

Executive Producer

Jeff McDougall


Charlotte Woodhead


Work Editorial


Neil Smith

Assistant Editor

Theo Mercado

Executive Producer

Erica Thompson


Christopher Delarenal



Managing Director

Camila De Biaggi

Senior Producer

Elissa Norman

Creative Director/ VFX supervisor

Alvin Cruz

2D/ 3D Lead

Marcus Wood

2D Team

Renato Carone, Michael Glen, Steinar Nedrebø, Amit Shukla, Manu PS, Joslin Job Mathew, Sriram P, Suhas Bjat, R Vignesh, Priyanka Day

3D Team

Suhas Bhat, Sindhuja B, Sravan Kumar, Sreenivasa Aditya Yanamalachintala, Elangovan Ganeshan


Company 3


Tom Poole


Future Perfect


Victor Magro


John Connolly

Audio Mix

Heard City


Phil Loeb