Nikola Stefanovic

Colourist Reel

Nikola Stefanovic - Reel

Nikola has worked in the TV and Film industry for almost 20 years. He joined MPC in 2017 from Digital Domain with almost 15 years’ experience grading commercials and feature films, the last 6 predominantly in the Asian market.

Pursuing a modern, mature cinematic look, his work is easily recognisable: from the iconic campaign for Adidas ‘This is Me’ with Eason Chen and Fan Binbing, to the recent spot for online shopping giant He has worked across a range of projects with internationally acclaimed directors including Gustav Johansson, Rob Chiu, Jovan Todorović, Paul Geusebroek, Wang LiMin, Dave Meyers, Kosai Sekine, Martin Werner, Salomon Ligthelm, just to name a few.

He recently graded the feature film ‘Ederlezi Rising’ that is currently showing at film festivals around the world.

Timberland 'Story' Production Company: Feature Works, Director: Wang LiMin

Buick 'Progress' Production Company: Black & Cameron, Director: Salomon Ligthelm

JD 'Hectic Breaker' Production Company: Stink, Director: Jovan Todorović

Chevy 'Poem' Production Company: MIC, Director: Ole Peters

'Ederlezi Rising' Trailer Director: Lazar Bodroža

Adidas Originals 'This Is Me' Production Company: Six Toes, Director: Paul Geusebroek

Levi's 'Revel' Production Company: Stink, Director: Gustav Johansson

Nike 'Own The Night' Production Company: Stink, Director: Rob Chiu