Nescafé Gold Blend, Dinosaurs

MPC creates a prehistoric land of dinosaurs in Publicis’ latest spot for Nescafé Gold Blend

A mother and son set out on an epic trip in search of dinosaurs, featuring running commentary from a visionary played by Tcheky Karyo of TV series 'The Missing’. The spot was filmed amongst the stunning scenery of South Africa’s Royal Natal National Park; the world famous rock Amphitheatre augmented by the VFX team forming part of the scenery.

Directed by Park Pictures duo Christian & Patrick , the 60” spot was a huge undertaking for the VFX team, with multiple dinosaurs created from scratch and impressive matte paintings including an animated lava-spewing volcano designed as backdrops.

Jon Park supervised the 3D team in the creation of the Jurassic creatures, with a main focus on the T-rex and her babies. He explains, “Each dinosaur was treated individually, with the team modelling and rigging herds of brachiosaurus, pterodactyls, stegosaurus and the iconic T-rex. As there was no stand in reference on set, (save from various crew members undertaking dinosaur role play!) the lighting, measurements and even crocodile skin references acquired by our shoot supervisor Jim Radford were indispensable.”

Shooting conditions in the park proved challenging, with a daily two-hour hike to locations with the team carrying all the kit required. Local Zulu guides were employed to help with the more treacherous terrain, including crossing a rocky stream via a rope bridge.

Back in the studio, VFX Supervisor Dan Sanders led the team in creating a prehistoric look and integrating the CG dinosaurs. In addition to the matte painted volcano and corresponding reflection seen in the canoe scene, the team added extra waterfalls, clouds and mist, and altered the appearance of the sky and time of day. The dinosaurs were integrated using multiple techniques, Dan explains: "For the baby T-rex scenes we added gobo lighting, to create dappled sunlight over the dinosaur’s skin which helped draw the eye to the creatures in the wide shots and better integrate the mids & closeup. The T-Rex mother’s mouth features some pretty slimey saliva, which we shot at MPC, playing around with liquid hand soap and an aerosol spray can. This was then composited into her mouth for the final menacing effect.”

Behind The Scenes




Publicis London

Production Company

Park Pictures


Patrick Chen & Christian McKenzie

Agency Producer

Nikki Gregory & Sharon Joyce


Ed Robinson & Sue Higgs

Production Company Producer

Richard Fenton


Andrea MacArthur @ Peep Show


Sebastian Blenkov

Music Production




VFX Producer

Phil Whalley

VFX Supervisor 3D

Jon Park

VFX Supervisor 2D

Dan Sanders

Shoot Supervisor

Jim Radford




Jean-Clément Soret

Sound Design

Grand Central Studios

Sound Engineer

Raj @ Grand Central Studios


Alessandro Granella, Anthony Bloor, David Bryan, Fabian Frank, Fabio Santoro, Mattias Lullini, Max Mallmann, Michael Diprose, Amber Frisenda, David Filipe, Andrew Roberts, Leanne Goymer, Chloe Dawe, Hazel Gow, Luca Maccarelli, Nick Smalley & Raju Ganesh S.