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Welcome to ‘MPC Life’, a new specialist character and creature group within our global Advertising team

Following many years of leading character and creature work, culminating in our recent multi award-winning TV, VR and social campaign for John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’, and our BAFTA and Oscar win for The Jungle Book, we are delighted to announce the launch of ‘MPC Life’.


Outstanding creative and technical expertise


By bringing together the varied, complex disciplines involved in creating 3D characters – including concept designers with fine art backgrounds who start by sketching characters in pencil – as well as proprietary technology around fur, rigging and muscle dynamics, MPC Life will enable us to streamline our character pipeline and become more efficient and focused.


Also, a response to growing demand from brands to create 3D characters that don’t just live on the big screen and work with companies such as John Lewis and Rubicon Exotic, this new offer provides brands and advertising agencies direct access to exclusive tools, technology, talent and expertise for designing and creating the best character and creature work.


The group will focus not only on TV advertising but also character driven storytelling across a range of digital platforms.



Full control for brands and agencies


Clients will also have the opportunity extend their campaign and license MPC Advertising’s proprietary real time animation tool ACE (Animated Character Engine), allowing brands and agencies full control of their animated assets to develop short form animated videos within minutes, ideal for real time communications and social media platforms.


Everybody loves animated characters and creatures”, says Graham Bird, Global Managing Director, MPC Advertising. But perhaps particularly advertisers given the increased effectiveness they bring (when designed and animated well of course). Our experience in this field may be unrivalled, however we constantly strive to find new and exciting ways to innovate further. We believe setting up a dedicated team of people to do just that, will bring our clients even closer to the talent, technology, craft and ultimately magic that goes into bringing these amazing characters and creatures to life”.


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MPC’s masterwork and craft celebrated in Telegraph Online


Carsten Keller, joint Head of 3D at MPC Advertising and Ben Jones, Character Supervisor at MPC Film spoke to The Telegraph about what it takes to become the go-to name in movies and advertising.


The Telegraph writes: ‘You’ve already seen plenty of MPC’s masterwork, even if you didn’t necessarily realize. In just the past 12 months, you might have marveled at the trampolining animals in John Lewis’s ‘Buster the Boxer’ or lost yourself in the world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.  All of that – and lots, lots more – was brought to life by the painstaking work of MPC’s teams of creatives.’


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Telegraph Online film:

Now take a look at the spectacular range of creatures crafted by our teams of world-class artists:

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