MPC at Le Book Connections Paris

Le Book, the international reference for fashion, photography and advertising held their annual Connections event in Paris between March 18-19th 2015, with MPC featuring as an exhibitor and Global Creative Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret announced as a winner of the Creative Awards.

Connections is a one of a kind exclusive tradeshow for the elite creative community. It tours the globe with stops in Paris, NY, London, Berlin and LA -attracting major decision makers from multiple brands and agencies. MPC held court at the event, alongside luxury and high-end agencies, production companies, artist representatives, event experts and photography and illustration agents, amongst others.

The event saw talks on ‘Design x Content x Technology’ and ‘The Evolving Relationship Between Art and Brand Communication’from CEO’s and Directors of companies including Absolut, Dom Perignon, WSGN and Creative Director Benjamin Millepied (Director of Black Swan) and founder of Amoveo.

The event finished on a high, with Jean-Clément Soret announced as one of the winners of the annual Creative Awards. During the two days, a jury comprised of Brand Managers, Creative Directors, Senior Producers and even the Mayor of the 4th Arrondissement were shown work by 129 artists represented by the exhibitors.

One of four winners for video/moving image, Jean-Cléments work on the ethereal Ikea ‘Beds’ tipped him to the favour of the jury.

An afterparty on the Thursday night was held at the famed Silencio nightclub, created by David Lynch, where exhibitors, guests and jury had the chance to reconnect.

For more information on the event and the Creative Awards winners click here