MPC Announces New Grading Venture with Digital Garden in Tokyo

MPC Announces New Grading Venture with Digital Garden in Tokyo

MPC has cemented a relationship with key post studio Digital Garden in Shibuya Tokyo.  This gives the energetic Japanese Ad industry access to MPC’s unrivalled roster of international Colourists. 

Currently real-time colour sessions can take place between Tokyo and London or Tokyo and Los Angeles.  The relationship will expand to include other key locations on the 22 city strong network. Enabled by Filmlight technology and the Baselight system and using the Technicolor Production Network (TPN) - a high bandwidth connection between sites - it also means that those in London or Los Angeles can share and view files in real-time with others in Tokyo.

"MPC and Technicolor are delighted to strengthen their creative global network with a remote colour connection to Digital Garden in Tokyo," said Mark Benson, MPC CEO. "Japan is undoubtedly home to a vibrant Advertising industry, one we are very keen to have a deeper and stronger relationship with.  Through Digital Garden’s links to MPC studios around the world, we very much look forward to presenting our award winning Colourists to this exciting new market."

Excited by the relationship, Digital Garden Inc.’s CEO Shinichi Adachi stated "Since inception in 1998, Digital Garden has built a reputation and strong bonds to many leading Creatives in the Japanese advertising industry. We are delighted to have developed a new strong connection with MPC, and it’s brilliant achievements and history in colour grading.  I look forward to introducing MPC’s Creativity to Japan. Wonderful visual work will be born from this new relationship."

MPC’s extensive global remote colour network is now connected in 22 different Advertising hubs around the world and gives clients access to a diverse range of the most Creative Colourists available, a trusted, efficient workflow and real hands-on experience in different locations.

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