Montana, Immersive Music Experience

Justin Timberlake's Immersive Montana Experience at MoPOP

MPC and VALIS Studio, in partnership with Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, created a unique immersive experience featuring Justin Timberlake for Vulcan Inc.'s Holodome at MoPOP.


Director Peter Martin and VALIS Studio worked with MPC to build this groundbreaking immersive experience for the Vulcan Inc. Holodome, creating a super high-resolution 9.2K 360 video captured on the Lytro Immerge “lightfield” camera, featuring spatial audio from ECCO VR.

 More on this project coming soon.

Montana, BTS



Head of VR & Immersive

Tim Dillon

VFX Supervisor, VR

Jason Schugardt

VFX Producer

Dani Light

VFX Production Manager

Cash McBride

VFX Coordinator

Stephanie Espinetti

VFX Compositors

Hector Cabrera, Eric Almeras, Kelsey NaPier, Bob Homami, Oliver Caiden, Sandra Ross, David Ince, Gizmo Rivera

CG Artists

Michael Reed, Josh Hatton & Jin Huang