McDonald's #ReindeerReady

MPC Creative builds a bespoke Snapchat game for McDonald's in collaboration with Leo Burnett, asking users, are you #ReindeerReady?

Alongside McDonald’s Christmas TV ad, in which a young girl takes her last carrot stick home for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, Snapchatters can unlock an exclusive ‘Carrot Run’ game - built by MPC Creative in partnership with Snapchat and Leo Burnett. This hub can be unlocked by scanning Snapcodes on millions of items of Christmas packaging, or by swiping up on special McDonald’s Snap Ads that will be available to the 10m+ daily Snapchatters in the UK. 

Pete Conolly, CD at MPC Creative says,“This the first time we’ve built a bespoke game for this platform and it’s been great fun, as well as a learning process for our team. It’s encouraging to see a brand like McDonald’s embracing Snapchat to generate some fun, in-app content aimed directly at their audience.”



Leo Burnett

Production Company

MPC Creative

Creative Director

Pete Hayes


Mark Franklin, Rob Tenconi

Creative Director, MPC Creative

Pete Conolly

Executive Producer, MPC Creative

Dan Phillips

Producer, MPC Creative

Sinead Catney

Lead Developer, MPC Creative

Dan Lewis



3D Creative Director

Nishanth Shrinivasa

VFX Team

Chris Preston Barnes, Piers Limberg, Kunal Sarkar, Shiny Rajan, Debasish Raha, Jayadeep Chandran, Kalaiarasu P, Sourodeep D, Sumita D, Jaspreet, Kartik Gupta, Subbaiah

Game Music Design

Pete Conolly

Sound Design

Sam Robson @ 750mph

Media Agency