Marks & Spencer, The Art of

MPC and RKCR/Y&R collaborate on an explosive launch film for Marks and Spencer’s Autumn collection

The 40” spot directed by Sam Brown through Rogue films celebrates the launch of the Marks and Spencer Autumn collection, and highlights the style, inspiration, innovation, integrity, cut, craft and design behind it.

The VFX team worked on a number of complex shots and sequences to create the work ranging from flying paint, close up CG and even a self-shearing sheep.

The mammoth shoot meant the team had to achieve 80 setups over eight studio days. VFX Shoot Supervisor Jim Radford said “What made the shoot enjoyable was the variety of setups, in terms of content, scale and complexity – from table-top beauty shots, to models on trampolines with flying paint to sheared sheep!”

The 3D team worked for 10 weeks on the intricate CG shots, which included the magnifying of weaving denim and spinning wool.

VFX Supervisor 3D Nick Smalley said of the work “Whenever you delve into any object at a macro level you're unveiling a completely different world. You start to see details that you don't imagine and things look rather different, so trying to find the right balance of detail versus what one might expect to see, was challenging.”

Speaking on the meticulous detail of the project, VFX Supervisor 2D Kamen Markov said of the paint sequence “The individual elements were carefully selected and tested, designing a specific composition for each girl. Different techniques were used to cut them out and stitch them back together, in order to create seamless streams and splashes of paint following the model’s body. In some instances we went as far as isolating individual droplets.”

The spot will be seen in 50 territories around the world.





Production Company

Rogue Films


Sam Brown

Agency Producer

Sonny Botero


Chris Hodgkiss & Pip Bishop


James Howland & Kate Hitchings

Assistant Agency Producer

Celia Garcia


Amanda James @ Final Cut


Dan Neale @ Native

Sound Design

Jack Sedgwick @ Wave Studios



VFX Producer

Sophie Hogg

Executive Producers

Paul Branch & Jonathan Davies

VFX Shoot Supervisor

Jim Radford

VFX Supervisor 2D

Kamen Markov

VFX Supervisor 3D

Nick Smalley

Line Producer

Russell Forde




George K

VFX Team

Amir Bazazi, Andreu Lucio, Steve Oakley, Jessie Amadio, Martin Joas, Olivier Sicot, Thanos Topouzis, Tim Civil, Bjorn Blaabjerg Sorensen, Michael Diprose, David Felipe, Edward Taylor, Byron Woofinden