Lyft, Ride on the Bright Side

Share a laugh with Lyft in their new campaign, with VFX and grade from MPC

In a new campaign, Lyft sets itself apart as the most fun-loving, customer-focused app in the ride-sharing business. Four new commercials feature a dark and dubious “Ride Corp” office, a sharp contrast to the happy Lyft atmosphere seen through secret surveillance screens. The Ride Corp team is at a loss when they realize Lyft offers users amenities like an average pickup time of three minutes, in-app tipping abilities and the best selection of five-star drivers. Lyft’s rivals rack their brains for creative ways to off the competition and hilarity ensues. MPC handled post-production on the project, collaborating with Boulder-based agency Made Movement and award-winning comedy director Wayne McClammy of hungry man.

Under Rob Hodgson’s creative direction, Mark Holden oversaw the project’s VFX and Jonathan Ficcadenti led the charge on 2D graphics. Working with Made Movement and frequent collaborator McClammy, Hodgson said, “Wayne worked through the multiple scripts allowing the actors the freedom in ad-libbing—and shot three cameras simultaneously for flexibility in editing.”

MPC complemented a great script from the agency and amazing performances from the actors. Hodgson added, “This was visual effects in a supporting role, the writing and performances are what the spots are all about. Anything more complex on the screen may have become a distraction.”

Hodgson explained that the project originally intended to incorporate more complex VFX. “We had discussed graphic devices for the monitors—facial recognition graphics, X-ray effect on cars with its riders; but during shooting it became clear that the graphics would become cleaner, simpler devices in deference to the stellar performances of the three characters in the campaign.”




Made Movement


Wayne McClammy

VFX Studio


Agency Producer

Andrew Campbell

Chief Creative Officer

Dave Schiff

Creative Director/Art Director

Nate Brunning

Creative Director/Copywriter

Steve Dolan

Art Director

Charlie Fingal

Account Director

Kelly Mesi

Account Manager

Allison Kubacki


Brett Shea

Head of Production

Molly Schaff

VFX Executive Producer

Karen Anderson

Color Executive Producer

Meghan Lang

VFX Supervisor/Creative Director

Rob Hodgson

VFX Producer

Katie Mariani

Flame Artist

Mark Holden

2D Animator

Jonathan Ficaddenti


Ricky Gausis

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma