Lexus, Takumi Cats

MPC brings the Lexus origami cat to life with CHI & Partners and RSA’s Brett Foraker

To qualify as a master craftsman, or takumi, Lexus engineers famously must demonstrate their dexterity by completing an origami challenge. The origami cat must be folded with your non-dominant hand - in under 90 second. It can take years to master. See the origami cat brought to life in CG by our own team of extraordinary artists…


Michele Tolo, concept artist at MPC, says:

“The ambition was to create a head shape that resembles the original Lexus origami cats - which are very flat – and make it work from all angles. The cat’s body was a big creative challenge; it has to be agile, moving and adapting in all sorts of different poses, all the while looking like just one piece of folded paper. Technically the physics don’t make sense, but that’s where it gets interesting, bringing in our CG craft to bring it all to life.”




CHI & Partners


Brett Foraker

Production Company


Agency Producer

Andy Roberts

Executive Producer

Caspar Delaney



VFX Shoot Supervisor

Adam Crocker

VFX Supervisor (2D)

Adam Crocker

VFX Supervisors (3D)

Anthony Bloor, Tushar Kewlani

VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz


George K @ MPC

VFX Team

Jessie Amadio, Brett Margules, India Barnardo, Rimelle Khayat, Dan Benjamin, Mike Cosgrave, Matthieu Maillet, Denis Krez, Gerard Dunleavy, Michelle Tolo, Chloe Dawe, Tito Fernandez, Hanna Binswanger, Lucie Brant, Andreas Feix, Guillaume Weiss, Krishna Chaitanya, Ria Banerjee, M D Karthikeyan, K. Gandhiraj, Vishal Digambar Mule, Sudheesh TV, Srikanth Salla, Mithilesh.G, Shyam Babu, Kajal Pandya, Amit Shukla, Mithun Alex, Sugumar S, Bala Krishnan R, Goutham Hampankatta