Kristopher Smale

Colorist Reel

Kris Smale has been a part of MPC’s award-winning color team for six years, joining the LA studio in 2012 to work alongside Creative Director Mark Gethin and hone his skills as a colorist.

His 12 years in the industry has seen him collaborate with notable directors such as David Helman, Nathan R Smith, Andrew Donoho, and Alice Gu, and grade projects for global brands including Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Samsung. It’s his strong working relationship with directors that lead to him grading Janelle Monae’s highly acclaimed and culturally significant music video motion picture ‘Dirty Computer’, directed in part by Andrew Donoho.

He has also recently worked with Shawn Levy on the Nissan Star Wars collaborations, and his solid relationship with Honda and agency RPA has enabled him to build a portfolio of grade work for the brand, including Honda’s ‘Tower of Success’. Other recent highlights include his work documentary-style projects including the “Behind the Mac” campaign for Apple and Facebook’s documentary “Wolfpack Hustle”.


Apple, Make Something Wonderful

Facebook, Wolfpack Hustle; Agency, Facebook Direct; Director, Jason Harper

Iron and Resin, Women's; Director, Justin Owensby

Royal Caribbean, Series Teaser; Director, Jacob Rosenberg

West Elm, Alyson + Andrew; Director, Alice Gu

Nissan, Jedi Learner; Agency, Zimmerman; Director, Shawn Levy

Under Armour, Anthem; Director, Kyle Soehngen

Honda, Tower of Success; Agency, RPA; Director, Alan Smith

Janelle Monae, Django Jane; Director, Andrew Donoho