Kissing Candice

Aoife McArdle teams up with MPC, Somesuch and Venom Films on Kissing Candice, her stunning directorial debut

Rated by Campaign as one of ten female directors you should know, Somesuch’s Aoife McArdle has directed her debut feature. Kissing Candice - with VFX by MPC – is premiering at Toronto Film Festival on Friday 8 September, and is already set to be one of the most-talked-about films of 2017.

Watch the trailer here

Film craft

We created a dark and sinister look for the film, but one that is very rich in colour at the same time. Aoife’s vision for the film centred on a bold and dark grade, so our colourist worked closely with her to nail the exact mood she was after in each scene, making the feature feel as cinematic as possible.

“In terms of ‘visible’ VFX, the car crash was definitely the trickiest scene to pull off”, says Grant White, VFX Supervisor at MPC. “We created it from scratch using stunt footage shot on set and green screen plates. Add to that creating fire, atmosphere and face replacements and it becomes pretty complex - yet completely seamless and unnoticeable to the audience.”




Aoife McArdle @ Somesuch

Production Company

Venom Films


Andrew Freedman, Sally Campbell

Executive Producers

Keith Potter, Tim Nash, Ken Wardrop


Aoife McArdle


Steve Annis


Dan Sherwen

Production Designer

Andy Kelly

Sound Design

Anthony Moore

Original Score

Jon Clarke

Music Production


Music Supervisors

Tin Drum Music



VFX Supervisor

Grant White

Title Creation

Jessica Gaynor

VFX Producer

Amy Richardson




George K