Johnsonville, Made in the USA

MPC continues partnership with Droga5 and Johnsonville with latest spot 'Made in the USA'

To carry on the tradition of asking real life Johnsonville employees to contribute their ideas for a commercial, Droga5’s latest spot turns Tammy’s idea into reality by depicting an all-American summertime BBQ which turns into a Broadway-style sequence featuring the local mayor and fire department. Even the Statue of Liberty turns up and joins the characters in the song. MPC handled VFX for the spot, which was directed by Arts & Sciences' Adam + Dave and graded by MPC’s James Tillett.

MPC’s VFX Supervisor Warren Paleos, who was on set in LA, describes the process of bringing the Statue of Liberty to life: “We used 2D FX and motion capture in order to puppet the statue's mouth. It wasn’t possible to build the moving mouth on set, so it was our task to do it in post. I decided to shoot someone saying the lines, using tracking markers on their face. I then match-moved the two plates and used the animation of their mouth to digitally puppet the practical statue.”

He added: “The creative process on these projects is always a lot of fun and working with Adam & Dave and made everything as smooth as possible.”

This isn’t the first spot in the popular ‘Made the Johnsonville Way’ campaign that MPC has worked on; we also partnered with Droga5 on other spots such as ‘Guess the Price of that Food’ and ‘Ruben and the Receders’, spots that ask for employees’ ideas and produce equally humorous results.

Watch all three spots below.


Johnsonville, Made in the USA

Johnsonville, Guess the Price of that Food

Johnsonville, Ruben and the Receders





Adam + Dave

Production Company

Arts & Sciences



Executive Producer

Jesse Kurnit


Aiste Akelaityte

VFX Supervisor

Warren Paleos

2D Leads

Warren Paleos, Bilali Mack

2D Team

David Anger, Jeric Pimentel, Anthony Riccardi, Arulanandhan, Jay Joshi, Joslin Job Mathew, Mahendra Reddy, Narendra Kumar

3D Team

Vishal Darkunde




James Tillett

Executive Producer, Color

Ed Koenig

Producer, Color

Jenna Gabriel