Immersive Theatre VR

MPC creates an immersive theatre sequence for Technicolor

MPC Creative has developed an immersive, fully-CG VR sequence that breaks out from the cinema screen and takes over the theater around the viewer. A fantastical display of vivid flowers, bubbles, and ribbons of color swirl around the space from all directions, this stereoscopic 360° sequence will be featured before a variety of Technicolor content.

The challenge for the team was to envision an immersive 3D experience that leads the viewer around the space.



With explosive animation that resolves into branding, the colorful journey is the start of a new form of cinema logo that will be featured time and again as additional VR content is created.

Led by CG Creative Director Rob Petrie, MPC designed and animated the sequence entirely in CG, rendered at 4k with 60fps with a full 360 stereo view.

Custom sound composed by Dror Mohar, notable sound designer known for work on films such as Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds.


Creative Director

Rob Petrie

Executive Producer

Tim Dillon

Source Sequence Director

John Sunter

CG Lead

Chris Bernier


Eric Renaud-Houde


Thompson Conradi


Angela Carafas

Production Company

MPC Creative


Dror Mohar