IKEA, Fly Robot Fly

MPC, Strange Beast and Mother Join Together in Charming Production for IKEA

IKEA encourages parents to “Come Home to Play” in its latest campaign, inspiring adults to learn from childish enthusiasm by throwing off the shackles of “serious” and embracing the power of play.

The MPC motion Design Studio developed the DMP and VFX elements that are incorporated in to the film, such as the CG road, rocks and grass and flowers , clouds, fire, smoke and dust.

The 2D Nuke team undertook extensive work joining multiple takes together, and compositing the the shoot elements with the DMP backgrounds and VFX renders, to really bring the film to life.

Working with Strange Beast Productions, Daren Rabinovitch - of Encyclopedia Pictura - became part of the MPC DMP family.



Stephen Ross and Tom Robinson, VFX supervisors said "The overall style of this piece of work comes directly from his personal style of drawing. All the shapes and forms of most of the major elements, from the main cloud, to the rocks and the trees, were designed and originally drawn by Daren. We had to learn his style and incorporate this into our workflow. We worked very hard to facilitate his desires and bring to life his vision. Because of this, there is a stylistic consitency on all levels that holds true to Daren's art direction as we tried to keep it a pure as possible.”

Daren said: "The VFX process was a joy; the biggest challenge was simply staying ahead of the artists! MPC were really willing to discover the look, and given the tight schedule, this was very brave.”

Behind The Scenes





Production Company

Strange Beast & Ghost Robot


Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura

Executive Creative Directors




Agency Producer


Production Company Executive Producers

Sam O’Keefe & Mark De Pace

Production Company Producer

Kitty Turley


James Norris @ The Whitehouse


Michael Wood & Rob Leitzell



VFX Producer

Jakub Chilczuk

VFX Executive Producer

Paul Branch

VFX Line Producer

Deepanjali Singh

Head of Design Studio

David Ashley

VFX Supervisors 3D/Motion Design

Tom Robinson & Stephen Ross

VFX Supervisor 2D

Rod Norman

VFX Shoot Supervisors

Grae Revell & Alex Harding




Richard Fearon

VFX Team

Alexander Kulikov, James McIver, Matthew Campbell, Michelle Tolo, Gowri Shankar Velusamy, Radhakrishna Rethinasamy, Tom Harding, Michael Gregory, Ralph Dubber, Toya Drechsler, Ruairi Twohig, David Filipe, Patrick Phoenix, Avinash Bhandary, Angela Carafas & Michael Nieves