Gillette, The Best Men Can Be

Gillette's "The Best Men Can Be" delivers powerful message

Gillette has taken a moment to reflect on their “The Best a Man Can Get” campaign, which launched 30 years ago, and has now released a new campaign in response to the #MeToo movement.

The campaign, which depicts a range of scenarios where men act inappropriately towards women, urges men to step up and hold each other to a higher standard.

MPC teamed up with Grey and director Kim Gehrig on the campaign. MPC’s Mark Gethin did the grade, and the VFX and finishing was handled by MPC’s New York studio.

Creative Director Alvin Cruz said: "We were very happy to be involved throughout this project, with Thiago Porto supporting director Kim Gehrig and supervising VFX at the Buenos Aires shoot and Rob Ufer leading the project in NYC. We enhanced the strong vision of the spot with our work on seamless transitions, graphics, look dev for different TV eras, crowd duplication, FX smoke, and more – working closely with the director and our friends at Grey/Townhouse. Glad to lend our support to this strong message."

The studio's Managing Director Angela Lupo commented: “Gillette, which has built its brand on promoting the rough and tumble male stereotype, demonstrates their commitment to making social change in this latest campaign. As the mother of a young boy, the message really hits home. Shaping my son into the man he’ll become starts at home and can only be successful when the messaging is reinforced culturally. Kim Gehrig hit the mark with her tone, story, and casting delivering an influential piece of advertising that will be referenced for years to come.”

This campaign also resonated with Camila De Biaggi, the Senior Executive Producer at MPC, said: “Seeing this type of execution is very important showing how speaking up can reverse generations of acceptance in society. It’s a responsible voice coming from a large brand that is part of most of households globally.”

She added: “I’m a loyal supporter that the world we live in needs to evolve for our children. I think that’s something that we all still have a bit of catching up to do in our industry.”

Gillette, "We Believe" Anthem



Grey New York


Kim Gehrig

Production Company




Creative Director

Alvin Cruz

Shoot Supervisor

Thiago Porto

Flame Lead

Rob Ufer

Flame Artists

Joey Deady, John Shafto


Margolit Steiner, Hector Cabrera, Sandra Ross

Matte Painters

Gowri Shankar Velusamy D, Radhakrishna Rethinasamy


Amit Shukla, V Jegadeesan

Executive Producer

Matthew Loranger

VFX Producer

Aiste Akelaityte


Kedar Joshi

Production Assistant

Katherine Miccio




Mark Gethin

Executive Producer, Color


Producer, Color

Rebecca Boorsma

Color Assistant

Dimitri Rajapakse