FX Networks, FEUD: Bette and Joan

MPC Creative designs graphic promos for FX’s FEUD

The first season of FX Networks’ new series FEUD: Bette and Joan, starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange, focuses on the notoriously dramatic rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. To help promote the new show, FX tapped the innovative content studio MPC Creative. Directed by Kina Choi, the graphic promos were inspired by the dark humor of the show and the actresses’ colorful yet cunning personalities.

“It was such a fun project to work on. We loved to explore the theme of duality and the psychological state of mind associated with having a nemesis,” said director Kina Choi. “We've simplified these complex themes using metaphors accompanied with an abstract design language. A good design should be stylish but more importantly, like a language, it should also be used as a device to communicate the concepts and themes it represents.




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