Fujitsu, Together we can make that happen

MPC and mcgarrybowen play with perspectives in Fujitsu’s new brand campaign

A stunning combination of complex set builds and a range of VFX techniques were used in the new campaign, which aims to raise Fujitsu’s brand profile globally. The campaign consists of three online films and was directed by Blink’s Tomas Mankovsky.

MPC’s VFX team, led by Timo Huber, approached the spot utilising VFX techniques including matte painting, set extensions and clean up to remove extras and props on-set.

To illustrate Fujitsu’s customer-centric approach, the brief was to visualise the support and solutions provided by Fujitsu with ‘stage-hands’ that are seen providing invisible assistance to empower businesses. MPC was present on set to advise the production team on the complex shots where choreography was paramount.

Jean-Clément Soret completed the grade, carrying the look through the different transitions.





Production Company

Blink Productions


Tomas Mankovsky

Agency Producer

Ben Catford

Production Company Producer

Ewen Brown



VFX Producer

Chris Allen

VFX Supervisor

Timo Huber

VFX Team

Yosuke Matsuno, Grant White, Ben Perrot, Oliver Caiden, Chris Fraser, Andrew Roberts, Jim Spratling, Sugumar S, Rajkumar Chidambaram, Rajkumar Sapate, Arun Kumar, Vivekananthan R, Silambarasan R.P, Rajesh S, Ragesh Ramchandran, Sivakumar R, Akhil K.P, Samson Samuel, Anupam Kumar, Vamsi Krishna Reddy




Jean-Clément Soret